Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ok, having to do a very quick update again...whatever happened to my regular blogging habit??

So...we've been having a bit of a creative time...

(so much nicer for mummies when it's warm enough to do it outside and the rain can clear it all up afterwards!):

Making chairs out of newspapers:

and yes, you could sit on it, just. Thought it best if I didn't try, that extra slice of fruit cake might just have done for it...

Making bionicle lego things:

Making pancakes (in pyjamas):

And cakes (when dressed):

Sowing seeds at the allotment.
Does that count as creative? We'll certainly have to be creative trying to find the carrots in amongst the weeds in a few months time.

And making a gazebo/pagoda/wooden thingy in response to my pathetic attempt to hitch up an old duvet cover over the garden table:

And now for the non-creative stuff:
Sword-fighting (should I categorise that under 'drama' or 'historical re-enactment'?)

Watching the professionals do it:

And saying hello to the nice man in charge of the horses:


Carol said...

Wow I'm so impressed...how could you find time to blog as well? Nice to see you've been enjoying the sunshine - we've not seen too much of that lately. Beach tomorrow though I hope!

Big mamma frog said...

Lol! It always looks good when you take photos doesn't it? I like to remind myself that we really have been busy doing stuff, even when it feels like we never get anything done!