Thursday, 22 January 2009

So what's so exciting about tractors?

I'm currently reading the sequel to 'Scenes from a Smallholding' which is - rather unoriginally - called 'More Scenes from a Smallholding'.

The author, Chas Griffiths, is involved with the Henry Doubleday Association (now known as Garden Organic). [I think i've mentioned the association before...if not, check it out at ].

He has a humorous way of describing life on a smallholding, charming and really fascinating. However, reading the books have kind of put me off the idea of ever having anything as ambitious as a wacking great piece of land.
Or perhaps that's just because Griffiths devotes a disproportionate amount of page space to the ins and outs of tractors. Tractors? zzzzzZZZZZZ....
If being a smallholder means that tractors become a daily obsession, then I guess I'll keep that as a little part-time daydream and in the meantime I'll stick to my allotment...

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