Friday, 5 December 2008

Tassles are a girl's best friend....(especially if they are pink)

Ok, I conceded about the pink tassley things on dd1's bike...and the doll's seat on the back. Went out to the bike shop today to get a pink basket for the bike and some stabilizers and came back with pink tassley things to poke into the handlebars AND a pink(ish) doll's seat for the back of her bike AND a pink basket with dreadful kittens on the front. Oh, and I didn't get the stabilizers cos I thought they were far too expensive at £11.99 for the pair. I have a horrible feeling we gave away our other pair of stabilizers with a bike that we freecycled months ago. If I'd known they were that expensive I'd have held onto them. So dd1 will now have a tassley girly bike that I'm too embarrassed to take her out on and that she can't ride cos it doesn't have stabilizers. It must be that time of year.

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Philippa said...

Friends of ours always just take the pedals off their children's bikes and then put them back on when they have got the hang of them. We are stabiliser people but they are difficult to wean them off. I am sure she will love the bike whatever you do! Maybe a new bike will give her the incentive to ride it. :-)