Monday, 13 October 2008

OMG The haircut! And our house has been invaded (by a ds lite)

The kids haven't had a haircut in about two years and although I've hacked at it at regular intervals there is only so much my novice attempts can do. So today I decided that enough was enough and incorporated a bike ride with a trip to our local cheapy hairdressers that I've never tried before. 'Support local business' I thought, in my generous state of mind. Besides, the kids will only want a trim and if the haircuts are good then I'll book myself in for another day.


Bad idea. Now I know why I normally procrastinate about these sorts of things.

ds1's hair is always a mess. Probably even more of a mess when I cut it, but my haircuts are free and relatively painless. However, today, once ds1 had his hair cut (he was the first in the hot seat) I started having doubts whether this bloke with the scissors was really a genuine hairdresser. I mean, I could have stuck a bowl on his head, cut round it with a pair of blunt scissors, and the end result would have been similar. It was lopsided, sticky out (ok I blame genetics for that) and, well, rubbish.

Then it was ds2.' s turn. Thinking that he'd probably just want a trim, surely the hairdresser couldn't do too much wrong. 'Can I have it cut short?' he says, turning to the madman with the scissors. OMG! Off went the long blond beautiful tresses with a snipping and hacking of obviously very blunt scissors. No clipping up bits of hair with hair grips, or layering, just a straight round job just below the ears. Argghh! I nearly cried! I managed to swallow my tears long enough to ask if the guy could layer it just a bit 'so it lies better'. He did, in a fashion. Pretty similar to something I've done. No, actually, it was worse than what I've done with my 5 quid superdrug hair scissors. 'Lovely' I said to ds2, whose bottom lip was starting to look as if it might be trembling even more than mine.

Well by the time dd1 sat on the seat I was too stunned to say anything. Thankfully he just gave her a trim. Not too much trauma there, but certainly not worth 8 quid.

So now I know why I hate going to the hairdressers and why I often leave it months, or years, before we trust another one. Why do I do it?! Around here it costs - gulp - £40+ for a woman's haircut, a semi-decent one. Or for £18 I could have a rubbish one. Kids' cuts are anything from £8-12 for a basic job in a blue-rinse salon or a barber's scalping, probably around £20+ for something half decent (I've never paid that much yet, so my kids have never had a very good haircut). So the choice is be really skint, suffer a lousy haircut, or do it yourself. I think I'll train as a hairdresser. Get a book out the library and start doing some DIY. Surely I can't do any worse than the guy today?


BEFORE...AND (sob) AFTER ( and yes, it really is as lopsided as the photo shows) now going to go and have a meltdown somewhere, probably aided by a large glass of wine.

But, on a brighter note (I think), ds1 finally parted with his hard-earned cash and bought a Nintendo ds lite today. He was well-chuffed and slightly smug as poor ds2 hasn't saved up enough yet to get one too.

So there I am in Gamestation, emptying ds1's giant Winnie-the-Pooh money box onto the counter and holding up a queue of around 7 people while the shop assistant and I count up all the ten pence pieces and coppers to get to £109.99. The things us parents do for our kids, eh? That's why I keep this blog. One day, when he's bringing his laundry home for the 10th week running, I'll remind him of all those sacrifices I had to make when he was younger.

Am I pleased to have one of these ds lites in the house? Well, the jury is out on that one. Having visited people's houses where their kids are glued to the things, I have mixed feelings. Will keep you posted.


Carolyn said...

OMG my dear.
I cut all my boys own hair though I've never had ANY formal training. Just 13 yrs of experience starting with Tom's hair when he was 10 months old. I now cut all 4 boys and hubbys. None of them would ever cope iwth hairdressers as I too have a bit of a phobia...comes with hating the image I see before me in the mirror!! LOL
I hope you get things sorted. Its bad enough when you make a mistake yourself but to have a proffessional make one, is awful!!!
I have my hair cut at home by a friend, who just re-did Tom's little blonde 'flick' for him last night before my own slight change of style (just a few more layers but it felt adventurous!!!)and thats the first time I've seen anyone else touch his hair!!!
Shame we are so far friend could sort them out!!

Big mamma frog said...

yeah I think having kids is a great thing. As a kid I really really wanted one of those dolls heads on a stand that you could style the hair of (my best friend had one - I think she coloured it in with felt tip pens and chopped bits off). Having kids is a pretty good substitute - you can practice being a hairdresser/stylist from an early age and they're too young to complain. By the time they're in their teens you should have perfected the technique lol! I can't say I've ever done a great job on the kids, but it's always been fun. The hardest part is finding a sharp enough pair of scissors. My hair scissors always get used to cut sellotape or something and end up blunt and sticky!