Sunday, 20 July 2008

It's a jungle out there

While dh took dd1 and ds2 for another day at 'Art in Action', ds1, the dog and I trudged down to the allotment. Oh god! The weeds! Managed to find some of my Welsh Bunching Onions in amongst the jungle and cleared enough ground for ds1 to plant some more carrots. I'm assuming most of the other rows of carrots didn't come up, but perhaps I'll find them again when I get rid of some weeds!

Sweetcorn is doing well; squash and courgettes are just starting to get going and the green stuff (cabbagey things) are getting there (somewhere under the weeds). Fought through the 3ft high thistles and thugs to dig up about 8 potato plants. Managed to get enough pots for tonight's dinner, which is a pretty poor show. I think we may have dug up a few more potatoes than we actually planted - just! Perhaps I'll just have to leave them in a bit longer, let them bear the brunt of this year's blight and see what we have in a month or so's time. Picked a few mangetout and dwarf beans, but still, everything very late for the time of year (my runner beans are hardly part-way up the poles).

Ds1 was happy tieing up the tomatoes and helping me sow seeds but he eagerly avoided doing any weeding. I guess he'd had enough from the last time I made him do it.

All-in-all, the theme today was weeds. And more weeds. And more weeds. No pictures today. Too busy weeding.

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