Monday, 14 April 2008

Missed the snow, just finding my feet again

Well I've been laid up with my bad back for nearly a fortnight and with the painkillers I've been sleeping around 18 hours a day most days and my brain has been fairly mashed as a result. Have finally got mobile again thanks to a bit of 'alternative' therapy - Mctimoney chiropracter and therapeutic masseur - but still hobbling a little on crutches. It seems the painkillers have made me miss the snow (I saw photos) and, well, most of what has been going on over the past few weeks. In fact it made me lose complete track of time. The local home ed community have been very supportive and have helped out with childcare and even turned up with meals and cakes! Dh has had to take an extra week off work than planned, so not amused - though it's been an interesting experiment watching him 'live' my 'life' for several weeks - i.e. looking after kids, shopping for food, cooking on a budget etc..Normally even if I'm ill, it's rare for him to take over my role completely, so for me to be so totally out of action has been rather interesting.

Anyway, dh went back to work today so been hobbling and trying to get through the usual routine with the kids. My parents have been here for a few days (surprise visit) to dig over my allotment. They've been very considerate and stayed on a local caravan site and generally just spent the day digging and digging to help me get the plots into order. It's been a fantastic help as I'm going to be in no condition to get the plots ready for this year's planting and I'd otherwise be running out of time.

Well short entry today.

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