Thursday, 17 January 2008

2008 - oh no not another new year's resolution!

Well, according to the Blog it's been nearly a year since I last posted. Perhaps that should tell me something about making new years resolutions...let me think.
Ah well, to hell with it. Let's start that blog thing over again, shall we?

So, er, well 2007 all went in a blur (not totally an alcohol-related blur, but the occasional beverage certainly helped a few evenings pass I'm sure).

And on to 2008!

Well today dd1 learnt to ice skate for the first time. I mean properly SKATE, not just hang on to me knackering my back and making me grumpy for the following week because I need painkillers just to get out of bed. She skated for the first time on her own and, I must add, very competently. Even more amazing because I haven't taken her skating for at least a year and she's only ever been on the ice 3 or 4 times that I can remember. So, this event could be a nominee for 'smug mother event of January' award.

Or perhaps just as worthy is the fact that dd2 has taught himself to read. Actually taught himself. I have had minimum - if any - input. And there he is reading subtitles and the listings for digital tv (ok, got strong motivation for that one), plus billboards (do they call them billboards in the UK or is that just an americanism?), food labels (don't read my diet coke one please...) and even, occasionally books. Ah...maybe I've got this home education thing all wrong and should just sit on the sofa all day and let my kids get on with it, it seems to be working just fine - dare I say it even better - without my parenting input!

And the decluttering process continues.

Removals in the past few weeks include:

several sacks of stuff to charity shop/clothes bin,

baby sling (sold it),
washable nappies (sold them),
dressing up clothes (went to preschool),
toddler bed (went to a friend in need, dd1 moved into ds1's 'big bed'),
old dome tent and a few videos(took to swapshop)
glass fishtank without a lid (freecycled). Profit = £35

And due to be picked up soon:
lots of boxes of 1970's Sindy items (selling),
large wooden toybox,
foam camping mats,
sack of boys' clothes,
and 3ft square gym mat
pair of old curtains (all freecycle) Potential profit = £55

AND planning to get rid of:
a few boys' toys from loft (to friend)
board games in the boys' room that they never play with
Freebie David Attenborough DVDs
The huge whiteboard that is taking up a large chunk of the garage
Some language CD Roms that I no longer use
The sack of stuff for charity shop sitting for a week already in the footwell of the car
More old curtains from the loft


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